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Virtual Assistant
60 Day Mastery

Hiring a VA is one of the Best Ways to:

1.  Replicate Yourself
2. Get More Time Back in Your Day
3. Redirect Your Valuable Time to High ROI Activities

WHY You Should Get A Virtual Assistant?

Here's Some of The Amazing Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You:

  • Create Listings
  • ​​Conduct Product Research
  • ​Handle Customer Service
  • ​Fulfill Orders
  • ​Research for Private Label Product Ideas
  • ​Create Print on Demand Designs
  • ​Run and Summarize Reports
  • ​Edit Images and Videos
  • . . . And Soo Much More!

If you've been STRUGGLING to get work done or
gain traction in your eCommerce Business or 
launch the idea stuck in your brain.

Just Imagine All The Tasks You Can Complete
 and All The Progress You Can Make With 
The Help of A Virtual Assistant.

This Virtual Assistant Mastery Course Was Created Just For YOU!

Here's What You'll LEARN and DO in Each Session

LIVE Class Starts 5/6/2023 - Saturdays at 10am CST 

Session 1 - Overview

  • Course Overview and Expectations
  • Analyze Your Business Operations & Needs
  • Document Your Vision and Set Goals 
  • ​Get Organized and Build a Schedule

Session 2 - Standard Operating Procedures

  • Define Your Business Operations
  • Determine Your Needs and Skill Requirements
  • Document Your Processes
  • ​Create and Record Your SOPs

Session 3 - Research / Analysis / Interviews

  • Build a Realistic Timeline 
  • ​Create a Realistic Budget
  • ​Research and Analyze Your Options
  • ​Define What You Want and Future Planning

Session 4 - Tools & Resources 

  • Dissect What You Do & What You Really Need
  • ​Research Free versus Paid Tools & Resources
  • ​Build Out Your Infrastructure and Security Protocols
  • ​Create Your NDA, NCA, Contracts and Agreements

Session 5 - Individual Employees

  • Discuss Pros and Cons of Hiring an Individual
  • ​Review How and Where to Find Employees
  • ​Develop Your Interview Script and Test Script
  • ​Analyze the Results and Make a Decision

Session 6 - Service Providers

  • Discuss Pros and Cons of Using a Service 
  • ​Review How and Where to Find Providers
  • ​Develop Your Decision Tree
  • ​Conduct a Fit Gap Analysis

Session 7 - Onboarding / Training / Paying

  • ​Make an Offer, Hire a Service or Both
  • ​Determine Reasonable "Pay for Service" Options
  • ​Build a Training Plan and Timeline
  • ​Train Your Resource

Session 8 - Managing Your Virtual Assistant

  • ​Establish Expectations and Create Deadlines
  • ​Define Methods of Communication & Interaction
  • ​Monitor Work and Progress, Discuss Promotions
  • ​Understand Accounting Requirements

All Sessions Are RECORDED and Loaded to the Mastery Membership Site (Lifetime Access) 

Create Your SOP's in Q2
Hire and Train Your VA in Q3
Reap the Rewards in Q4!
Space is Limited - Enroll Now!

Let's Get Started Building Your Empire TODAY 
👇  with Help from Your New VA!  👇

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REFUND POLICY: Due to the non-returnable nature of digital products, we offer a limited refund policy. Refunds are allowed within 14 days of the purchase date, as long as the digital training and/or support has not been been accessed via; attending training sessions, coaching sessions, training/coaching/access assistance related calls, emails or messages to support, logging into the membership site or joining the Facebook group.

Maximize Results in Q3 & Q4

Space is Limited - Enroll Now!

Here's What We'll Cover
  • ​Researching What You Need 
  • ​Documenting Your Standard Operating Procedures
  • ​Onboarding Your Virtual Assistant
  • ​Training Your Virtual Assistant
  • ​And Soo Much More!!!!

LIVE Class Starts 5/6/2023 . . . Register Today 
All Sessions Are RECORDED and Loaded to the Mastery Membership Site (Lifetime Access) 

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